Só.Snacks means have a laugh, have a snack.
It means not taking life so damn seriously.

It means doing what you can, when you can, in the face of life’s chaotic routine.

It means going forward with a smile, because the truth is that we’ve all been there.

It means finding life’s most curious moments and making them beautiful.

It means that the best things are truly found in the smallest packages.

Só.Snacks means life – and we all need a little laugh sometimes to help us get by.


Com você na vida


The PhiloSOFI is simple: Sofi’s a mom. She’s a dad. Sofi is that silly feeling we so often call love. She eats fruit rollups to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but binges on pizza and popcorn while watching Netflix. Her Instagram overflows with trendsetting pictures, but the truth is that she takes 300 selfies before posting the perfect look. She LOVES her calves, but she also enjoys kicking back with a less volatile age group. She unrolls her trunk to speak the truth and calls it like it is. She is perfect in her imperfection. And in that perfect imperfection, Sofi is you. She is me.

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Means not taking life so damn seriously.



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