We laugh at ourselves, we find quick solutions for mundane problems, we aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we wait for that blessed time of day and, yes, we need a snack every now and then.



CSO | Chief Snack Officer

Jessy is the “bundle of love” at Só.Snacks: what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in joie de vivre, personality and good vibes. She was born in India but was raised in the United States, which ensured she developed a sharp and distinct eye when it comes to the Brazilian market.

Jessy is a guava aficionada and self-proclaimed pineapple-peeling expert. Her fruit-loving tendencies couldn’t lead elsewhere: she saw in Brazil the opportunity to create healthy fruity snacks for herself and her kids.



DOS |  Director of Strawberries

Jaime landed in Brazil after having lived in several corners of the globe. A born entrepreneur, she always looked for solutions to fix relevant market gaps. Today, she is Só.Snacks’ very own Strawberry Diva, not only because she loves the fruit, but because of her sweet personality and passionate soul.


Jaime is a true modern-day multitasker. She manages to be an entrepreneur, mother, wife, best friend, kitchen chef and comedian, all at the same time. And to top it off, she does it with flying colors. She is always up for a good laugh, especially when it’s about herself.